Project Management

Project Management

A successful tooling project relies on successful project Management, at Win-Tech:

1, Each project is overseen by two associates: One from international sales-team, who acts as the first line of communication: quoting, project launching, delivery, after-sales services and other commercial issues; the other is a bilingual project engineer who closely works with you from start to finish by providing direct technical communication on the project process.

2, For mold making, we perform mold flow analysis to foresee warpage, shrinkage, weld line, short shot etc., and we optimize venting, gate and runner size, cooling system and so on at the very beginning, so that we can improve efficiency and effect for mold trial.

3, We are committed to high quality: We only purchase steel from reliable suppliers, and all material will not be used unless pass high standard inspection procedures in our factory. During machining phase, we check all specifications of each component after every machining process to ensure its function.

4, All components will be 100% inspected prior to delivery. For molds, a complete dimensional layout of the parts from each cavity is provided after the completion of mold trial. Before any production mold is shipped, it must run 8 hours at a production cycle and in a fully automatic mode (unless the mold is not designed for automatic operation) without any problems, and then the mold is completely disassembled and 100% inspected for any potential problems.

5, In order to ensure the safety of mould and machined component delivery, we adopt the following procedure: anti-rust oil or grease covering, PE preservative film package. We also provide a complete set of detailed mold drawings that are updated to the latest conditions at the time we ship the mold. These detailed drawings provide all the necessary information that any tool shop would require.

We believe that the typical problems that companies have experienced in the past with molds from China are minimized by the approach we use in the quick and efficient communication for project progress, product analysis, selection of steel, extensive mold trials we perform, and scientific packaging method we adopt.

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